Hello and welcome to my personal portofolio. My name is Nico Kuechler and im a 35 year old media and communication designer living in Munich, Germany. At the moment i´m working for the munich airport at the development and technoligies department. I studied media and communication design at the macromedia university of applied sciences here in munich. Also i work at info gate information systems gmbh located at munich airport. During my studies i specialised in the field of game design and so you will find a lot of information regarding this toppic directly here. During the last years there has been an accumulation of projects, most of them are either the output of university seminars, work or simply projects i did for fun. Below this article you will find thumbnails and links to all kinds of webprojects i was working on. I hope you enjoy what you are going to see and I would really appreciate your feedback. So don´t heasitate to contact me on facebook, follow me on twitter or visit my youtube chanel.

This website is still in development so please be patient, more content will arrive soon.